Our Story

Welcome to White Buck Vineyards & Winery. We want to give you an abbreviated version of our story. Our family has been farming here in Union County for generations. The lush, fertile land has always provided quality produce of many varieties, and since 2009 we've developed a healthy passion for fine, quality wine.

It may not be the first place you think of, but Kentucky was orignally a leading grape producing state. It had the first vineyard society and commercial vineyard in the United States, gaining enough notoriety that even Thomas Jefferson was a patron. The industry flourished, even through difficulties disease and crop damage during the Civil War. Prohibition put an end to the trade altogether, however, and only recently has it become to make a full resurgence here in the Bluegrass State. We have collaborated with other wine growers and specialists at the University of Kentucky to help insure this rich tradition can again become the pride of our state.

In April 2009, we planted our first acre and a half of vines. We wanted to plant a variety of grapes as there were many we had read about that sounded good for this area. Almost all are French/American hybrids. The best of both worlds. European genes that have good flavor with American genes that provides resistance to disease and hardiness for the local climate.

We planted three varieties each of red and white wine grapes: Marquette, Chambourcin, Cabernet Franc, Frontenac Gris, Vignoles and Traminette. We wanted to experiment with some table and juice grapes and we also planted four varieties of those. Since then we have added three more varieties (Norton, Diamond and Sunbelt) and around 4.5 acres giving us about 6 acres at our two vineyards.

White Buck Winery has its roots firmly in Union County, and the flavor speaks of the rich traditions of rural Kentucky farmland. From our very first planting we were aided by "Buck" White, lifetime farmer and a proud grandfather who even now has continued to have an interest and helped us bottle wines this Spring. Our symbol, the deer, is a strong mascot, and this area is teeming with this majestic wildlife. The winery even has a deer crossing sign right out front. If you come for a visit be sure to keep your eyes open, you might see one wander by.

We're very proud of our community and how active they have been in helping to shape our company into what it is. Members of the 2008 KY state champion wrestling team helped plant that first year. We have a tradition of good wrestling in Union Co, and to honor that one of our wines is nicknamed "Wrestler's Red". Our founder, Allen White, came from a medical background and has lent his particular tastes to his favorite, "Doc's Delight".

While our story is still young, we look forward to how lush and fruitful our future will be, thanks to the hard work and support of all of our friends and family. We hope you'll come join us and sample a taste of the best Kentucky has to offer.